Just had my hair cut too !!! So new me.



Dressing Service and Sensual Training

Yes Things have changed!

Aside from being a Lifestyle Mistress I have shared my strict and dominant side with many of you for the last few years. I have met so many amazing girls and had some very erotic experiences.

However things are changing. If you  have visited my site before you will remember I offered a very strict and regimented style of maid training... along with a broad aspect of BDSM. It is however more apparent to me that so many of you are fearful of strict and harsh training / experiences and much prefer the more sensual and soft side to dressing and service..

So I am now opening up my world in a different way. Yes I am still a Mistress but coming here will be a much more soft, sensual and fun experience. You will get to be in an amazing environment with someone who has massive passion for dressing you girls and spending time with you.

So many times I have been told " I am too scared to come and see you as your films are very strict" I agree I can come across very mean! she laughs but I really am nice!!!

 So many of you girls even tell me that I am totally different to how they imagined and that they wish they had come to spend time with me years ago.

I want you to feel that coming here is your time to express your inner sexuality and  Girl self, so come and share it with someone who simply adores what she does.



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